You've reached the web page of Paradise Garden's Resort Inc., a family nudist resort campground located just outside the Cincinnati area.

It is with deep sorrow, that after over 35 years of offering a safe and friendly environment to experience the nudist lifestyle, we announce the permanent closing of Paradise Gardens, fondly referred to by many as "the club".
Life's encumbrances, including the loss and/or incapacitation of loved ones and the bloom of our "senior years" have made it increasingly difficult to meet the continual day to day business challenges. It has become beyond our collective ability to meet those challenges.

After many years of failing effort to keep Paradise a haven for many by its sale to another with the same burden, we recently concluded a sale to a developer who will be taking immediate possession of the property.

We sincerely hope that the closing of Paradise will not signal a close on your participation in the nudist lifestyle and encourage you to find another AANR member organization to visit and make new likeminded friends.

Paradise Gardens is Closed

Paradise Gardens Has Auction

Date(s) 9/28/2017 - 10/22/2017

Cincinnati local staple, Paradise Gardens, has closed it's doors and will be selling their remaining assets to the highest bidder!

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