Greetings Volleyball Lovers!

Some people have a bucket list of items to experience, some find doing anything without clothes an exhilarating feeling.  Most of us agree, being able to play volleyball without the restrictions of clothes, shower, get in a swim and then back out on the court spoils you for textile play (especially when sand is involved.)   Some of us are just not able to articulate why we like it - we just do!

Why Play Nude?
Volleyball FAQ's

1. Why nude volleyball?
     We are a nudist resort, and therefore do many things without clothing.  Volleyball happens to be one of them. 

2. What is the level of play?
     From recreational to competitive.  Very low pressure, but we do focus on three hits; bump, set, spike.

3. On what type of court do you play?
    We have a hard-court, are developing a grass court, and are making plans for a sand court.

4. Is this a “sex” thing? 
    Not at all.  We just play volleyball nude. 

5. What facilities do you have at this court?
    We are a full resort / campground and therefore have everything that would be associated with that,
such as showers, swimming pool and hot tub.  Check out for details.

6.  After I’ve played volleyball, can I enjoy the resort?
     After volleyball hours are over, you and any guests with you would have to pay the balance of the
     daily grounds fees to stay.

7.  I’ve never been to a place like this before.  Is this right for me?
     Paradise Gardens has open house days (visit for a calendar of events) if you just want
     to try out the resort.  Everybody has a first time.  Why not play volleyball at the same time.

8.  Isn’t nude volleyball kind of dangerous?
     We don’t dive much….  and we do suggest sunscreen.

9. What days and hours do you play, and how much is it to play?
    The clinics and play are scheduled on Saturdays.  Sometimes we play all afternoon with pool breaks. 
Occasionally we have night volleyball under the lights on the court. There is a minimal entry fee for the
    clinic and play [10 am to 1pm].  If you wish to stay and experience all the resort has to offer, the
    balance of the grounds fee would apply.

10. If I have further questions, what should I do?
    Check out the website for more info (again, call … or email:

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Typically, play is 6 on 6 on a hard court.  All three hits are utilized: bump, set, then spike.  Sometimes there is a designated setter, more often, the front middle player sets.  This depends on the level of play at the time.

Infractions are called leniently -  such as lifts or doubles.  Net and center line infractions are called as these relate to safety.  The goal is to acclimate players to playing in a “league” setting for Superbowl Tournament in September with referees.

We play rally scoring to 25

House Rules
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Saturday Clinics

These short practice and instructional clinics are conducted to help you feel more at ease.  While the play is for fun – we do try to maintain basic volleyball technique and form.  Instructions may include but are not limited to:

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--- Passing Practice
--- Setting Technique
--- Proper Hitting [Spiking Approach]
--- Defensive Positioning
--- Court Positioning
--- Serving
Safety First
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Please come prepared to play with proper footwear.  Flip flops and sandals are discouraged.  PLAYING BAREFOOT is not allowed!   Bring lots of water, towel and sunscreen.
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We encourage you to                       get the details and JUST DO IT!
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