FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]
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What is meant by a Family Nudist Resort?
Paradise Gardens is a Family Oriented Nudist Resort. There will be children at our resort. Like any other social club or gathering, children are welcome and must be under the supervision of their parents. We feel very strongly about providing a fun, secure and safe environment for “our kids”.
Does one just show up to visit?
Visitors are best served by calling ahead and talking to our managers or sending an email. This way we know you are going to be visiting and are expected. When you come up the hill, you will see an intercom on the left, in front of the gate. Press the buzzer and we will open the gates. Be sure to check the seasonal hours of operation. If you plan on coming in after office hours, you will need to call ahead.
Do you have to walk around nude or disrobe the first visit?
Paradise Gardens is not a clothing optional facility. What this means is that you are expected to be nude when you are on the property, weather permitting. We understand how a first-timer might be a little hesitant about jumping right out of their clothes, and that they may need a few minutes to become comfortable in the environment. However, in certain areas of social gathering, nudity is mandatory. These include the sunning area, swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna.
What should I bring on my first visit?
Don’t forget the sunscreen! You can almost plan a day at Paradise like a day at the beach. Towels, books, something to lay out on, sunglasses etc. We do have water, soft drinks and Gatorade for purchase. Typically on Saturday afternoon the grill gets fired up and for a donation you can grab a sandwich. Walking shoes would be needed if you wish to run or walk about. People on the lawn can be seen playing cards, scrabble, doing crossword puzzles or sometimes playing cornhole.
Why would I want to be a member?
Members enjoy more freedom to use the grounds. They have 24/7 access to the facility at their convenience. There is only one yearly membership charge. The only other cost would be if a certain activity has an associated cost – like a catered dinner or New Year’s Eve and a Darts Tournament fee. Otherwise dances are free. As a member, you enjoy being part of a unique community that understands the freedom of a clothing-less environment. We work together, play together and generally have a lot of fun. We also offer discounts on rental overnights.
Has your nudity ever embarrassed you?
Sure, just like any person in the world. Nudists too can feel embarrassed about their nudity. This turns out to be a personal issue. When everyone present is participating in social nudism, folks are more at ease. That is why we are not a clothing optional facility.
Describe the typical nudist.
Physically, there seems to be no such thing as a "typical" nudist. People of virtually every age, shape and size are visitors or members here. We are a diverse section of the population yet share a common goal of social nudism. – much like any other textile organization that have a common interest.
What kind of activities are scheduled?
We work hard at having fun! You will find on the event page a list of activities for the current year. Planned events encourage social ties and community bonding. Some events are for children and some are adult only. No matter what weekend you visit, there will be an opportunity for participation. And if sunning on the lawn is your form of participation – we welcome that too!
Are there any particular rules or guidelines for visitors?
Our main rule is to HAVE FUN! But, given the nature of our resort, there are a few guidelines to follow. Click on VISITOR RULES and a MAP of PG to download. One main safety guideline is to refrain from bringing any glass into the common areas. That would include items like drinking glasses, beer and wine bottles and/or any other glass beverage container. We need to protect our bare feet! One common sense rule is to ALWAYS SIT ON A TOWEL!

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